Eight Reasons Your Pet is the Perfect Valentine

1. You don’t neThunder2ed to worry about reserving an expensive restaurant to impress them – they’re perfectly happy with a treat or two.

2. There’s no pressure about getting a new outfit – unless, of course, they like dressing up too!

3. They always let you pick the movie!

4. They make GREAT snuggle partners.

5. You don’t need to share your candy. Pets can’t eat chocolate or sweets anyways, so more for you!

6. They are usually pretty good kissers.Vday7

7. Ever worried about what your human date is thinking? No need to worry about that with your pet – their purring or wagging will tell you all you need to know.

8. Unconditional love! Pets will always love you, whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Arbor Day, or just plain old Tuesday. As long as they’re spending time with you, they are happy.