Our Dog of the Week is Sammi.

Sammi–gentle, loving and friendly. These words sum up the personality of this feminine mixed breed of approximately 45 pounds.
She came to BCHS having been primarily kept as an outdoor dog. She is quickly becoming a favorite with staff and volunteers alike. Sammi loves being indoors, heat being a new thing for her.
She loved getting her bath, after which she promptly displayed a HUGE smile and began to cover the volunteer in appreciative kisses and licks.
Kennel staff is working with her on housebreaking and she obliges by pottying on the outside only and then quickly wants to come back in where she loves her soft, comfy bed which she keeps clean and neat with her toys piled on top.
Her leash skill are good, but she will be fitted for an Easy Walk lead and with a little practice, we believe she is capable of being an excellent walker.
She doesn’t really like cats, so a home without them is best. BCHS is committed to placing her in a home where she will always know warmth and love.