These super sweet, young siblings are gentle for their size.  We have them listed as Labrador x Boxer mixes, but they might have a little Mastiff in their make-up also.  Who knows? 

What we do know if these two are a couple of really nice pups. 

Little Miss Ruby just can’t get enough lovin’. She adores people and is happiest when someone is rubbing her belly.

She and her brother Munch were pretty scared little tykes when they first arrived. Neither knew what a leash was and they both refused to walk when one was on them. They just went flat to the ground like a pancake.

Two weeks later they are well adjusted to leash walking and are delighted to prance out to the play pen.

Ruby is a sensitive girl who really wants to please.  Her training her should be a breeze.

Munch is a little bigger and a little bolder than his sister.  He likes to explore in the play yard and comes running full force when you call his name. 

Now is an ideal time to adopt one (or both!) and teach them to be the perfect dog for your family.