Pura Vida – that is Freckles outlook on life.  That famous Costa Rican phrase that means “pure life” and in typical Costa Rican fashion Freckles simply enjoys life in a relaxed, easy and simple way.

If you are looking for an easy dog to live with and to love, one that doesn’t require a lot of exercise, loves to meet new people, is good with other dogs and has the happiest outlook on life, then Freckles is your guy.

Freckles does have some special needs.  He will require a family that can devote extra time feeding him.  He has a medical condition, megaesphoagus, and requires being fed special food in an upright position three times a day.  He’s a champ in his chair and knows the routine, which is eat meatballs in the chair, sit for 20 minutes and then go for a walk.

Most of the rest of the day he spends napping, moving from one fluffy bed to another. Freckles is completely house trained and is a very good boy when left alone. Freckles is always eager to greet his family at the door when they return from their outings.

Although Freckles requires a little extra care, all the love he gives in return, makes the effort well worth it!

Approximate age: 1-2 years