Approximate age: 4 years old and 50 pounds

Introducing Buzz, an energetic and delightful dog eagerly waiting to find his family! Buzz is a true water enthusiast who can’t resist the joy of splashing around in the kiddie pool. His favorite game is bobbing for pupperonis, making each pool session a splash-filled adventure.

When Buzz isn’t making a splash, he’s chasing balls with uncontainable enthusiasm, often resulting in hilarious zoomies. Although retrieving the ball may not be his strong suit, his zest for play and active nature make him the life of any game.

In addition to his playful antics, Buzz is a very good-looking boy. He has the most captivating blue eyes and is relaxed during grooming sessions of his luxurious fur making it easy to keep him looking sharp. It’s hard not to be mesmerized by his handsome appearance.

Not only does Buzz thrive in the fun and active moments, but he also enjoys pets and generously reciprocates the love with affectionate kisses.

If you’re seeking a good-looking, playful, and loving companion, Buzz is the perfect fit. Come meet Buzz today and prepare to be swept away by his charm!

If you are interested in learning more about Buzz, apply at the link below and an adoption counselor can reach out to you directly.

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