Just 2 minutes with James and you will know exactly what his very most favorite thing in the whole world is – YOU!

It’s not often we see such a young dog that is so affectionate.  He loves to sit close and put his leg on your leg or sit at your feet and lean into you.  He gives the best hugs – gently wraps his arms around your waist!

If you toss a tennis ball, he’ll jog after it, pick it up and then come back to you for a pet.  Yet, he doesn’t pester you for attention.  If you are busy, he’ll mosey off on his own, sniffing and exploring, but always with an eye on you and will be straight back to your side if you call him.

James walks nicely on a leash and likes to go on adventures with his favorite person (that’s you!).

His nickname, Gentle James, fits him perfectly.