If Ori could give you one thing, he would give you the ability to see yourself through his eyes, so you would know how special you are to him. He is longing to be the light of your life, and will show you with his constant purrs. When he’s not purring, he loves to run himself silly with laser lights and jump, pounce and climb his way through the house. He is very food motivated and would love to learn new tricks. He keeps himself well groomed and his litter area in tip top shape. Will you be the light of his life?

UPDATE from his foster mom: When my granddaughters were asked what they love about Ori, one said “He’s so snuggley.” The other said “He loves to jump.” That about sums Ori up – he’s a super playful kitty but also loves to be loved on. Ori is all about people. If anyone new comes to the house, he can’t wait to greet them. He just marches right up to them and seems to say “Hi, I’m Ori. What’s your name?” He’s just the most perfect kitty!

Approximate Age: 8 months