Harley doesn’t need words to talk to you, her expressive face says it all!

Brow deeply furrowed, eyes wide and sparkly, ears perky forward – that’s her saying “Hey, do you have another treat in that pocket?”. Eyes squinty soft, ears low and back, brow slightly furrowed and you can see her saying “Would you give me a massage, please?”

In addition to those endearing facial expressions, she has an adorable way of raising one paw and then the other as if politely asking for attention. Harley is a gentle girl, sitting daintily for treats and politely nibbling them from your fingers. She may be a little timid when you first meet her, but it’s easy to win her friendship with some yummy cookies. She will sit quietly just gazing at you for minutes at a time hoping you’ll share a tasty morsel with her.

Sweet Harley is dreaming of a new family and warm home for the New Year, won’t you make her dream come true?

Approximate Age: 6 years
Weight: 47 pounds