Much like his namesake from medieval times, King Arthur is loyal, courageous and intelligent.
He bravely explores new noises to see where they are coming and quickly made himself comfortable in his new his foster home. In no time he bonded with his foster mom and devotedly follows her from room to room keeping track of her every move. King Arthur enjoys making biscuits in her lap. He is a cuddler and when he really gets going, you can hear his purr from across the room.
But, he isn’t all snuggles. In true cat fashion, he enjoys zoomies around the house. He is fond of feather toys, especially dangly ones, and he will swat and chase mouse toys all over the house. A quick learner, he figured out the right places to get out his scratches and is learning that counters are not meant for cats.
King Arthur is living with Feline Leukemia Virus, which means he will need to be an only cat or live with other FeLV+ cats. The disease can only be spread to other cats, so King Arthur could live in a home with dogs. Despite his condition, he can still live a long, healthy life and will spend every single minute of it providing his family with all the love they could ever need.
Approximate Age: 5 years