In Queso’s eyes, life is just one big adventure.  This cute, little guy loves to explore.  Take him for a walk in the woods and he’ll stay busy sniffing this tree, that clump of grass and just about anything else he can find.  If he could speak human, he would tell us exactly which critter had passed through and when.  A tip for walking Queso – take your time, enjoy the scenery and let him sniff to his heart’s content.  He’ll come back a tired dog!  And a tired dog is a good dog!

Queso’s other favorite activity is cuddling.  He loves to sit close and soak in all the affection you’re willing to give him.  How perfect is that – a nice leisurely walk with your best buddy and then some cuddle time!  Queso is sure to brighten each and every day!

Approximate age:   1 ½ years