Rooney is looking for a new roomie and he has a lot to offer to a new housemate.

Rooney is great at doing the dishes, as long as someone else scoops up the meals.  He’ll also happily pick up his toys and keeps a neat room.  Rooney is quite well mannered and will charm visitors with his impeccable sit.  He loves walks and is a real gentleman on a leash so he’s hoping his new roommate will like to exercise.

Most important, Rooney is looking for a buddy that he can snuggle with.  He’s a “leaner” and is known for sitting on his friend’s feet and leaning into their legs or trying to curl up in their lap.  Yes, he’s a little big for that, but he’s so irresistible, you just have to get on the floor and enjoy!

Rooney is super smart and eager to please so training your new roommate will be a breeze!  Sounds like the best roomie ever!  Come meet Rooney and see for yourself!

Approx age:  2 years