Rosie is trying her best to adjust to her world turned upside down. For fourteen years she lived life on her own terms, mostly outdoors, but with a family who was sure she had a good meal every day. Sadly, due to an unfortunate family situation, she found herself in a cage at the shelter. What a stark change to her life!

On top of that, she was diagnosed with diabetes and must now get insulin shots twice daily. But she has made tremendous progress!

Rosie is showing the world her resilience. She’s content to be an indoor kitty and is learning that treats are great, and pets aren’t too bad. With a good diet and a steady insulin regimen she is doing well. Rosie likes soft beds, laying in the sun and watching birds and squirrels. She eagerly greets her foster family with meows and by winding through their legs. She hasn’t become a lap cat yet but given time she just might! We are so proud of Rosie and her approach to a new life.

Rosie is looking for that special someone who is patient and willing to let Rosie blossom into a relaxed full-fledged house cat!

This video shows how easy it is to give Rosie her insulin!