When you think of “a man and his dog,” that dog is Sundance.

A loyal soul, he prefers the easy-going, quiet company of a best friend over the excitement of a crowd. If you’re going for a ride in the truck, he’ll be in the seat next to you, ready for adventure. In the morning, he’ll sit quietly by your side to watch the sun rise. On game day, he’ll stretch out on the floor nearby while you watch TV. Whatever you’re doing, he’d like to be nearby, quietly sharing your company.

Although Sundance likes being with you, he doesn’t need to be entertained or pampered (other than the occasional ice-cream cone). He’s not a “baby,” or a “sweetie.” He doesn’t climb in your lap for cuddles, or lick your face with slobbery kisses. He’s not going to fetch your slippers or perform silly tricks for your guests. He’s much too dignified for that.

But Sundance is smart. He learns quickly and is familiar with several commands. His former guardian was wheelchair-bound and Sundance learned to assist with some tasks. He’ll look in your eyes to check in before crossing the street or meeting a new dog, as if to say “Are you ok with this?” That’s a trustworthy companion!

To Sundance one best friend is far more important than a handful of acquaintances. And every dog needs a best friend.