Terrific Tigger is a ten,. Ten=purfect!

Super affectionate, Tigger loves to rub his head on your hand. He’ll eagerly greet you when he sees you and flop over for some belly rubs.

Tigger likes to play and will chase a toy for a little while, but will soon be back for pets. Naps are a favorite pastime of his, especially on a soft, cushy bed.

He enjoys watching the wildlife outside but has no interest in actually going outside. It’s more of a spectator sport for him!

Tigger has Feline Leukemia Virus. It’s not actually leukemia like people get, but a virus that can suppress his immune system. He seems healthy now and could live a long life. Tigger should not live with other cats (unless they are also FeLV positive), but he can live with dogs and other animals.

Tigger is a super sweet cat and deserves a loving home. If you are looking for a super sweet and affectionate cat, please consider Tigger.