As Bodhi has come out of his shell, it has become very obvious that being with people is what makes him happiest. He seeks out affection and is ready to tackle life as long as he knows those around him are there to help out. What starts as shyness blossoms into pure love in just a matter of minutes.

Don’t let his calm and cool demeanor around people fool you, when there are dog friends involved, Bodhi is ready to party! From the moment you get him out of his kennel, Bodhi is ready to play, romp and run free with his buddies.

Bodhi is eager to learn all the new things that life has to offer. He quickly caught on to walking on a leash and continues to improve his skills every single day. Kind words and a few treats go a long way to helping him learn new things.

Stop by the shelter to meet Bodhi today and join in his journey to the perfect life. You can also complete an online application and a staff member will reach out to answer any questions.