Moby - Dog of the WeekAfter 423 days, Moby continues to wait for his forever home. He knows he might be scary looking to some people: he’s big, he’s black, he’s a pit bull. But Moby may be more afraid of them than they are of him. Life hasn’t always been easy for him, so he lets people know he’d rather not get too close until he knows them better.

But what a marshmallow he is when he knows you. Wiggly and goofy, he’ll try to cover you with kisses or climb on your lap for a cuddle. He loves the companionship of a long walk, or TV time. He is ecstatic over his squeaky toys and one key to his heart is definitely treats.

Moby will need some special consideration. He needs a home where his guardian will manage his interactions with strangers and where he will be the only pet. The reward is plenty of love.

Watch Moby’s video and see just how sweet he can be.

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