Video:  Cinnamon’s Day Out

Sweet Cinnamon has been at the shelter too long.  A couple of volunteers decided she needed some time away from the shelter, a little mini-retreat, to let her know she’s extra special.

She had some time to relax on the sofa getting lots of pets and belly rubs, she enjoyed exploring the house, getting a massage, showing off her tricks and going for a walk in the woods.  It is amazing to see how relaxed she is in a home she had never visited before.

If you are looking for a dog that will fit right in from the beginning, sweet Cinnamon is your girl.  Fantastic in every way, we’re not sure why she’s been at the shelter so long other than she is a senior and prefers to be in a one pet household.  That’s not a problem – she’s got more love to share than any ten pets!

Come see this sweetheart and just imagine how fun it would be to snuggle on the couch with her.