Approximate age: 1 year old and 72 pounds

Sozo – big boy, big heart! This big guy is the epitome of affection, readily showering his human friends with gentle kisses, all the while wagging his tail with joy.

Sozo’s playful nature shines through when he’s chasing after a ball, his bouncy run accompanied by his ears flapping in the wind, only to return it for another round of fun. Remarkably polite, he patiently drops the ball and sits calmly, eagerly awaiting the next throw.

Sozo’s love for treats makes him a breeze to train, his enthusiasm and eagerness to please making him a quick learner.

With his endearing personality and irresistible charm, Sozo is ready to find his forever home, where he can bring endless happiness and companionship to his lucky adopter. Open your heart to Sozo, and experience the unwavering devotion of a truly special canine companion.

If you are interested in learning more about Sozo, apply at the link below and an adoption counselor can reach out to you directly.

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