Approximate age: 8.5 years old and 114 pounds

Woody must have been quite the athlete in his younger years and his passion for catching balls remains undiminished. With amazing agility for an 8 year old, 114 pound pup, he effortlessly leaps into the air, to snatch balls right out of thin air. It’s a sight that leaves everyone in awe!

After a few rounds of ball-chasing, Woody is more than content to relax in the grass, savoring the simple pleasure of lazily chewing on his prized possession. His calm and gentle nature perfectly complements his impressive physical abilities.

Woody’s big heart matches his sizable stature. He adores being showered with affectionate pets and never fails to reciprocate with a grateful kiss. The rhythmic sway of his big tail is a testament to the joy he experiences when receiving pets from his beloved humans.

If you’re looking for an extraordinary companion with a big heart and an even bigger love to share, Woody is the perfect match. Come meet this lovable gentle giant today and experience the unconditional love he has to offer.

If you are interested in learning more about Woody, apply at the link below and an adoption counselor can reach out to you directly.

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