Zoomer had a fun day out with a couple of volunteers. He really enjoyed smelling the many flowers in the yard. He doesn’t see many of those at the shelter!

He chased a ball for a little while and then did his favorite trick – snatching treats out of the air. He’s a pro at that! A nice little walk in the woods and by the lake was lots of fun for Zoomer. All those new smells is like doggy heaven for Zoomer!

After the walk he went inside to chill out with his favorite peeps. He was a very polite boy and was on his best behavior. This video is just a little taste of what living with Zoomer would be like.

Zoomer is such an easy dog to love and he is hoping his family comes to find him soon!

See all the available pets at the Brown County Humane Society at: https://www.bchumane.org/adopt/